Would You Like Some Butter in Your Coffee?

Yesterday, I posted about Bulletproof Coffee (BC), but I didn’t explain what it is.  BC is coffee that has been mixed with either coconut oil, MCT oil, butter, or a combination of any of those three.  Fattened coffee or tea is not uncommon in the Eastern world, but Dave Asprey popularized it for Westerners.  He sells his coffee under the brand Bulletproof, but around the internet, people have dubbed all fattened coffee BC.

Asprey recommends carefully sourcing your coffee beans to make sure you are getting a product that hasn’t been molded over before roasting.  I use locally roasted beans.  At some point, I might give Bulletproof beans a whirl, but I’m happy with the taste of my coffee.  Thus, I’m not overly anxious to pay extra for Asprey’s “Upgraded” beans.  The underlying point is to get some good quality coffee beans that will be low in toxicity.

Next, consider your fats.  Asprey recommends MCT oil and grass-fed butter.  He sells his own MCT oil on his website, and he recommends purchasing Kerrygold unsalted butter.  I haven’t used MCT oil because I haven’t been able to source it locally.  I’ll buy some off the internet soon.  In its place, I use coconut oil.  You must make sure that you buy the non-hydrogenated coconut oil.  Otherwise, your coconut oil will be highly processed expensive crap.

I do love Kerrygold butter though.  I get it at my local grocery, but I noticed on the Kerrygold website that they are sold at Sam’s Club, too.  The difference in taste between typical grocery store butter and grass-fed butter is shocking.  Your taste buds deserve a high quality butter.  Besides, the point of BC is for the ingredients to be as pure as possible.  That’s how it works half of its magic!  The other benefit to quality butter is that it has a natural sweetness.  I use to be a diehard sweet n’ low user, especially with my coffee.  Now, I let the butter naturally sweeten my brew.

I actually make a bulletproof espresso each morning.  My recipe is simple.  I brew the espresso.  I add one tablespoon of coconut oil, and I add one or two tablespoons of Kerrygold butter.  Afterwards, I take my milk frother, and I mix the ingredients together.  This step is important!  Otherwise you’ll have gelatinous blobs in your coffee.  Yuck!  You don’t have to use a milk frother though.  You can use a handheld or tabletop blender.  I like my milk frother because it’s small and quiet.

Your beverage is ready to drink after blending.  It may take some getting use to at first. The fat content might make your stomach queasy if you are use to eating a low-fat diet.  However, when your body becomes accustomed to BC, you will notice how satiated you feel for hours after drinking it.  I never would have believed that drinking 300-400 calorie coffee would actually benefit my diet, but it does.  I eat less all day long because of it.

You should also feel a distinct boost of mental and physical energy, too.  I compare it to taking an Aderall.  It feels like your entire brain is fired up.

I’m a newbie to the BC world, so I’m going to pass along a link to Asprey’s blog about it, too.  He makes regular coffee Bulletproof.  I would recommend checking out the keto subreddit, too.  They are often talking about BC.



4 thoughts on “Would You Like Some Butter in Your Coffee?

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